In our fast-paced, technology-driven world, it's easy to lose touch with the mystical, spiritual aspects of life. We become disconnected from our inner selves, seeking fulfillment in the tangible world. Yet within each of us resides a divine essence longing to be awakened. The Spirit Box, a transformative multi-sensory experience created by visionary artist Andre Ferrella, offers a gateway back to our highest spiritual selves.


The Creation of the Spirit Box

Andre Ferrella is no ordinary artist. His work goes beyond the visual, incorporating elements of sound, light, and sensory activation to create immersive experiences that transcend the physical form. The Spirit Box is the culmination of Ferrella's vision - a life-size sculptural piece titled "I AM the EMANATION" that serves as a portal for spiritual awakening and transformation.

The shell of the Spirit Box is made from plexiglas, refracting and reflecting light to create a mesmerizing visual gateway attuning your mind and 
body's energetic fields to higher frequencies. Specially calibrated binaural beats and solfeggio frequencies envelop you in harmonic resonance. All of this works together to shift brain waves into altered states where deep meditation, healing, and access to higher realms of consciousness can occur.

Stepping inside the Spirit Box room is like entering a cosmic portal; the pressures and stresses of everyday life fall away as you're transported to an expansive realm of inner peace, elevated perspective and divine wisdom.


Profound Personal Transformation

Thousands have experienced the Spirit Box firsthand, with many reporting profound transformations. The multi-sensory environment activates chakras and DNA, leading to tangible sensations of tingling and buzzing throughout the body. This is the vibration of cellular regeneration and spiritual attunement happening in real time.

Participants often describe a newfound sense of calm, clarity and connection to their intuitive inner voice. Past traumas surface to be released; deep meditation states are reached effortlessly. There is a soul-deep remembering of one's divine essence as rigid constructs of self dissolve into universal oneness. Many share experiences of connecting with Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters or personal deities, receiving answers to burning questions and glimpses into their higher purpose.

Each journey with the Spirit Box is unique, occurring on a personal and soul level. But every experience offers guidance, healing and elevation to meet one's highest spiritual potential.


Facilitating Continued Growth

The Spirit Box provides a glimpse into higher states of being, but the real integration and growth happens afterward. That's why Andre Ferrella offers immersive workshops and retreats to help participants interpret and integrate their experiences.

By sharing stories, creating art, meditating, and journaling together in community, we make sense of the mystical encounter and anchor its lessons into everyday life. Ferrella also created a documentary film and guidebook to support continued transformation through the Spirit Box journey.

Those called to go deeper can become qualified Spirit Box "Keepers." These facilitators then share the experience with others, spreading the Box's gifts to those seeking spiritual awakening around the world.

The Spirit Box sparks a flame within, but it's up to each of us to tend that flame, nurturing and surrendering to its light so it grows into the bonfire of our highest potential. The Box offers a glimpse into that potential - then we must embrace the journey.


Bringing the Spirit Box Experience to Your Community

The transformative power of the Spirit Box is meant to be shared. I'm thrilled to announce that a Spirit Box portal has been established right here in our community, at the Infinite Light Center & Sound Sanctuary.

We invite you to visit the Infinite Light Center and step through the cosmic portal that is the Spirit Box. Allow its harmonic frequencies to awaken your energetic field. Let its mesmerizing lights and crystals activate forgotten aspects of your being. Use this experience to reconnect with your highest self and download divine wisdom to fuel your spiritual path.

The Infinite Light Center & Sound Sanctuary are on of the Keepers offering the Spirit Box experiences by appointment, with walk-ins welcomed based on availability. 

For more information and to schedule your own transformative Spirit Box encounter, visit

The time is now to open the portal to higher consciousness and claim your spiritual gifts. We hope to see you soon at the Infinite Light Center & Sound Sanctuary's Spirit Box! Let the journey begin.

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